Tuesday, January 3, 2012

200K - Saturday 1/7/2012

Our first brevet of the year will be held next Saturday 1/7.
We will be pushing off from the parking lot in Audubon Zoo at 7 AM and
will be riding the Ponchatoula route this year. It looks like there
will be a nice size group with a couple of riders doing their first or
second 200K so I don't expect us to set any records for the pace.
Anyone needing a place to stay before or after the ride just give me a
call. There is usually room in the casita.
Lights and reflective gear will be required since it gets dark early
and we may be riding slow.
Hope you all had a merry holiday - Looking forward to catching up on
the ride.
Please call or send me a note if you are going to ride so I can print
up enough brevet cards and que sheets.

Friday, September 30, 2011

2012 ACP Events

I just submitted our brevet callender for our ACP events - first 5
Please check your calendars and reserve the dates!
2012/01/07 ACPB 200 - Ponchatoula
2012/02/18 ACPB 200 - Abita - Mardi Gras!
2012/03/24 ACPB 300 - Sorrento / Ponchatoula
2012/04/21 ACPB 400 - Baton Rouge
2012/05/19 ACPB 600 - Baton Rouge & West Bank


Monday, September 19, 2011

Time to Ride!

The weather is near picture perfect! The summer heat is almost past
and our "fall" is upon us. In case you are wondering what is available
here is my schedule for the next few weeks

Saturday 9/24 - Y Ride 306K Perm
Sunday 9/25 - CCC Fall Century

Saturday 10/1 - 3 Subs along da River 385K Perm
Sunday 10/2 - ???

Saturday 10/8 - 408K Brevet Jefferson to Baton Rouge
Sunday 10/9 - ?????

Saturday 10/15 - 307K Brevet in Jackson MS Ridgeland to Jeff Busby
Sunday 10/16 - ????

Saturday 10/22 - Tchoup Stop to Car Wash 212K Perm
Sunday 10/23 - 107K POP Audubon to LaPlace

Saturday 10/29 - 604K Brevet River Ridge to Baton Rouge 1st leg
Sunday 10/30 - Day 2 River Ridge to Vacherie to Gretna 2nd leg

Something for everyone! We will probably have a couple of Crab Tray
101K and a Manchac Mambo 160K thrown in for good measure. Let me know
which ones you want to ride

Thursday, September 9, 2010

ACP 300K 9/11/2010

This Saturday CCR will be holding an ACP 300K. http://ridewithgps.com/routes/37584
The ride will begin and end in the parking lot of the Audubon Zoo -
right side as you are facing the levee.
Ride start will be for 6 AM. Lights and reflective gear are required.
Come out and enjoy the nice change in weather we are having. give Pat
a call (504-957-1768) if you can make it so enough brevet cards and
que sheets can be printed....
Everyone still has a chance to get in an ACP series and one of those
bright shinny SR medals! The 400K is scheduled for 10/9 and the 600K
will be on 10/30...
Hope to see you there

Friday, August 27, 2010

End of Summer rides

Summer is almost over. The kids are starting back to school and that
means the temps won't be getting as hot, soon I hope..... We have
quite a few rides scheduled in the next two months and I'm going to
try to get in a few bonus miles as well. This is what I'm setting as
my tentative schedule:
Sat 8/21 - Crab Trap 7 AM bonus miles can make this a century easy
Sun 8/22 - Crab Trap 6 AM
Sat 8/28 - Franklinton 206K perm 6 AM?
Sun 8/29 - ??
9/4,5&6 - Labor Day Weekend - medley of 200K 300K and 100K perms - I'm
up for them all!
Sat 9/11 - ACP 300K brevet Audubon-Sorrento-Ponchatoula-Audubon
Sat 9/18 - RUSA 200K brevet Audubon-Sorrento short
Sat 9/25 - Fall Century pre ride
Sun 9/26 - CCC Fall Century
Sat 10/2 - ???
Sat 10/9 - ACP 400K brevet Jefferson-Baton Rouge-Jefferson
Sun 10/10 - new Perm - Best of both banks
Sat & Sun 10/30 - ACP 600K brevet River Ridge-Baton Rouge-River Ridge-
Also I usually ride the Crab Trap 101K perm on Wed or Thursday about
4:15 PM

Check out your schedule and let me know if you can ride

Friday, July 16, 2010

July 3 What Is The Shortest Distance Between Two Points? brevet report

Waking up a Dennis' home for 2:30 for a bike ride? What are we
thinking??? Seeing Steve's face before he gets his first sip of coffee
makes it all worth while though. Two cups of Dennis' fine brew and we
are ready to leave for Franklinton. A stop at Mickies for breakfast on
the way and we are at the Winn Dixie before 4:30. Just enough time to
set the bikes up for the 5 AM start time. Butch pulling into the lot
rounds our group off to four for the brevet.
We take off at about 5:10 (don't know why we never start on time - my
fault I guess) with "be seen" lights on and almost no traffic on the
road. We turn off of 25 and onto 16 and the rollers begin. I love
heading out on a brevet and seeing the sun rise from my bike! The
morning fog has burned off by the time we hang a right on Dummy Line
Rd. I always get a chuckle seeing the Plant Entrance sign just before
the Nursery – only in LA.
We pull into Wilmer at 6:20, 18 miles into the ride and an average of
16.2. We topped off the bottles and headed back out.
Hwy 1061 leads to hwy 1054 with more rollers. I used to think it
contained a couple of killer climbs but either the road has flattened
out a bit or my engine is better tuned. Another right turn back on 16
and we were headed to Amite. A quick stop at the Exxon On the Run for
more fluids and it was back on the road. Butch was feeling a bit
froggie and took off on the front. Dennis didn’t want to have anything
to do with that so he put the hammer down as well and that left Steve
and I to just mosey along. Dennis was going to count the for sale
posters and eat his last biscuit Butch was just going…. We got to
Montpellier at 8 AM 40.8 miles into it and a respectable 16.9 avg. It
had not even started to warm up yet.
Turning onto hwy 43 and heading North it was nice having a mild wind
from our right instead of the usual head wind. This road has a lot of
beautiful rollers. We stopped to talk to Wayne (a CCC rider from
Ponchatoula) and this allowed Butch to catch up. Dennis was staying
off the front, Steve and I were in the rocking chair and Butch was
lollygagging (probably saving turtles or helping girl scouts and
bunnies) in the back. We stopped just before the dog leg at hwy 10 to
regroup and Steve attempted to urinate on another police station so we
left before he was arrested. We stopped for drinks at Nicks at 9:30
with 59 miles down and a 16.7 mph rolling average. We continued north
passing into Mississippi and made a right turn in Gillsburg on 584.
The rough roads continued as we turned on SR 929 until we hit the
state line and pristine asphalt. Unfortunatly this did not last very
long – at least hwy 1053 is is better than the MS roads. We waited to
regroup when we hit hwy 51 and I started having cramping problems.
These would plague me the remainder of the ride. We hit Kentwood at
11:45 and stopped at the Maxx 82.1 miles down and our average had
fallen off to 16.1. It was heating up and that was slowing us down.
Our lunch stop was a dozen miles up the road so we topped off our
drinks and headed out hwy 38.
A right turn on River Rd brought more rollers. I can’t really call any
of these things a climb because I was once told that “it isn’t a climb
unless you have to get out of the saddle” – so much for the climbs. A
left turn onto 1057 brought us past the 12 Star Ranch and then another
left onto 1061 and we were on the modified part of the course. I
hadn’t been on this road for a few years and it was a treat. We passed
one end of M Williams Rd before hitting hwy 38 and the store in Spring
Creek for our lunch stop. I didn’t have the heart to tel Butch that we
were only 3 blocks from where we turned off onto River Rd an hour ago.
He looked bushed. 45 minutes later we were fed, rested and ready to
ride. The ODO showed 97 miles and a 15.7 average. We headed East on 38
and my cramps started right back up. When we turned on Doc Butler Rd I
needed to stop and stretch out my legs – they were killing me. We got
to the store in Mt. Herman at 3:10 with 108 miles and a 15.4 avg. More
drinks and back on the road. I was surprised that Steve passed on the
free puppy someone was giving away. Guess he didn’t want to carry the
extra load – weight weenie! It was fun to hit the downhill on 438 ( a
6% for .2 miles) in the daylight and light traffic. It made for my top
speed of the day. We passed the last info control and took a left on
1055. A mile down the road Dennis started hearing a pinging sound and
found he had popped a spoke on his rear wheel – drive side. I figured
the ride was over for him. He did not want to try a fiber spoke to
repair it so we zip tied it to another spoke and headed off to catch
Steve and Butch. We caught them turning onto Mt. Pisgah Rd. Dennis was
doing fine the wheel was running true and he was babying it. I was
worried about what would happen when he hit the short steep climb but
the wheel held. I guess that is the good part about being such a light
We turned onto hwy 440 and I knew that Dennis would make it – he could
even walk from here. The traffic got busier and it was nice to pull
back into the Winn Dixie parking lot at 4:55. We had completed the 128
miles in just under 12 hours and a rolling average of 15.1. Another
one in the books…..

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Half way

I just finished posting the results of July 206K brevet and was
reminded that half of the year is already over! However, I wanted to
remind everyone that half of the year is still in front of you! We
have a lovely slate of brevets stilled planned for 2010. Coming up we
Type Date Distance (km)
ACP brevet 8/7/2010 200
ACP brevet 9/11/2010 300
ACP brevet 10/9/2010 400
ACP brevet 10/30/2010 600
RUSA brevet 11/6/2010 238
RUSA brevet 12/4/2010 238
Please check your calender and see how many you can fit in. We also
have permanents available which can be ridden any time you would like
so just give me a call when you would like to do one. Our members have
been busy this year To check out your total Ks go to
http://www.rusa.org/cgi-bin/resultsearch_GF.pl and plug in your RUSA
#. Some of the results you will see include:
Butch Ammons 5839 612
Steve Graves 4549 3378
Dennis Horchoff 2723 2151
Doug Morgan 4759 1500
Even Posey 6334 107
LeRoy Richard 5878 706
Sayers Robert 5874 500
Lewis Smith 5763 500
Michelle Williams 3609 1839
Keep up the hard work!