Sunday, July 4, 2010

Half way

I just finished posting the results of July 206K brevet and was
reminded that half of the year is already over! However, I wanted to
remind everyone that half of the year is still in front of you! We
have a lovely slate of brevets stilled planned for 2010. Coming up we
Type Date Distance (km)
ACP brevet 8/7/2010 200
ACP brevet 9/11/2010 300
ACP brevet 10/9/2010 400
ACP brevet 10/30/2010 600
RUSA brevet 11/6/2010 238
RUSA brevet 12/4/2010 238
Please check your calender and see how many you can fit in. We also
have permanents available which can be ridden any time you would like
so just give me a call when you would like to do one. Our members have
been busy this year To check out your total Ks go to and plug in your RUSA
#. Some of the results you will see include:
Butch Ammons 5839 612
Steve Graves 4549 3378
Dennis Horchoff 2723 2151
Doug Morgan 4759 1500
Even Posey 6334 107
LeRoy Richard 5878 706
Sayers Robert 5874 500
Lewis Smith 5763 500
Michelle Williams 3609 1839
Keep up the hard work!

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