Tuesday, January 3, 2012

200K - Saturday 1/7/2012

Our first brevet of the year will be held next Saturday 1/7.
We will be pushing off from the parking lot in Audubon Zoo at 7 AM and
will be riding the Ponchatoula route this year. It looks like there
will be a nice size group with a couple of riders doing their first or
second 200K so I don't expect us to set any records for the pace.
Anyone needing a place to stay before or after the ride just give me a
call. There is usually room in the casita.
Lights and reflective gear will be required since it gets dark early
and we may be riding slow.
Hope you all had a merry holiday - Looking forward to catching up on
the ride.
Please call or send me a note if you are going to ride so I can print
up enough brevet cards and que sheets.

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