Friday, August 27, 2010

End of Summer rides

Summer is almost over. The kids are starting back to school and that
means the temps won't be getting as hot, soon I hope..... We have
quite a few rides scheduled in the next two months and I'm going to
try to get in a few bonus miles as well. This is what I'm setting as
my tentative schedule:
Sat 8/21 - Crab Trap 7 AM bonus miles can make this a century easy
Sun 8/22 - Crab Trap 6 AM
Sat 8/28 - Franklinton 206K perm 6 AM?
Sun 8/29 - ??
9/4,5&6 - Labor Day Weekend - medley of 200K 300K and 100K perms - I'm
up for them all!
Sat 9/11 - ACP 300K brevet Audubon-Sorrento-Ponchatoula-Audubon
Sat 9/18 - RUSA 200K brevet Audubon-Sorrento short
Sat 9/25 - Fall Century pre ride
Sun 9/26 - CCC Fall Century
Sat 10/2 - ???
Sat 10/9 - ACP 400K brevet Jefferson-Baton Rouge-Jefferson
Sun 10/10 - new Perm - Best of both banks
Sat & Sun 10/30 - ACP 600K brevet River Ridge-Baton Rouge-River Ridge-
Also I usually ride the Crab Trap 101K perm on Wed or Thursday about
4:15 PM

Check out your schedule and let me know if you can ride

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