Thursday, March 4, 2010

300k brevet 3/13/10

Anybody up for a little bike ride? We have a 300K brevet scheduled for
3/13. The ride starts at the Audubon Zoo and goes to Sorrento, LaPlace
and Ponchatoula before returning to the zoo. I will try to send a link
to the route when I finish it in Ride with GPS> Since the sun is
coming up earlier and we have 20 hours to complete the ride I'd like
to start at 6 AM. Lights will be required for this brevet.
In addition - if you want a few more K and don't mind riding with an
older fat guy on a funny bike with a broke leg this is my plan for the
3/6 - Ponchatoula 212K Perm
3/13 - 300K Brevet
3/14 - 101K LaPlace Perm - might be fun to try after the 300K to see
how your legs do on multi day rides
3/20 - 206K notnilknarF Perm (What is the Shortest distance between
Two Points in Reverse)
3/27 - 306K Y Ride perm

Anyone wanting to stay at the Horchoff Hilton (casita) for the 300K
brevet please let me know. Hot shower and room for sleeping bags for


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