Friday, January 8, 2010

1/2/2010 200K ride report

My post from this thread on the Bacchetta forum:

I got there late, at 6:48. I was on the red Strada with the fairing. I rode with Leeroy and Doug for a little bit, but their pace was a bit too high for me to maintain. At the end of the levee top trail I fell in with the New Orleans bunch along with John from Memphis and Louis from Sheveport. Definitely more of a tour than a race with those guys. Glad I did, since it was my first ever brevet and longest ride that I've made since starting back riding in July. Reminded me of Pete Fountain's Half Fast Walking Club, a Big Easy pace for sure. I learned much about pacing myself and really enjoyed the experience. I will definitely be there for the Feb. Mardi Gras brevet. That one is in the hills on the north shore. Then they ride the parade routes the next day. Yeah You Right!! 

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